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If you’re looking for a leading online fashion and traditional jewellery manufacturer and wholesaler, then probably you’ve ended up at the right place. We at EIndiaWholesale have successfully served a large number of wholesalers and resellers across India and beyond. We’re known for our diverse and unique collection of artificial, imitation and traditional necklaces. Spread out in countries like UK, USA, Australia, UAE, Spain and India, we supply top-notch quality Indian necklace sets which are designed for every occasion of your life at genuine factory prices. Our elegant pieces of necklaces symbolize feminine personality, enticement and appealing neck curves. For many women , a necklace is a ‘fashionable accessory’ but in reality traditional necklace sets add a finishing touch to your stylish boutique pieces.

Specific necklace set wholesale depicts a particular phase in a woman’s life. For an instance, mangalsutra hanging around a woman’s neck gives a clear impression of her marital life. Besides, the traditional necklaces, fashion necklaces wholesale are also making their appearances in the market. Popularly known as imitation/ artificial necklace, our jewellery type allows women to embrace a diverse and sparkling world of necklaces at jaw-dropping prices. We understand that money has always been an influencing factor when it comes to choosing your ornaments. Being one of the authentic jewellery wholesaler and manufacturer, we ensure that every woman should have the privilege to wear the top-notch quality and designs of jewellery. With us, you can maximize your profits as well as save for your next bulk order.

Traditional jewellery created by regional jewellery manufacturers connodate the diverse cultures and traditions prevailing across India. This type of necklace has emerged out as an inevitable part of Indian lifestyle and custom. With the right set of ornaments, not only your dresses but also your appearance can become more attractive. To give an ‘inexpensive’ ethnic look to all the beautiful ladies out there, we’ve come up with a trendy and stylish necklace sets combo consisting of a necklace, a pair of earrings and a maang tikka, that too at competitive prices!

Our imitation necklace gives you the feel of gold at the prices of ‘artificial’ jewelry. Further, Kundan jewellery necklace is an epitome of the royalty of Mughal Empire. Made with intricacy and detailing, our kundan necklaces make you stand out of place.

Choosing us over the local jewelry wholesalers can save you up to 20%. For your convenience and ease, we also provide cash on delivery option on bulk purchases in India. We dispatch your order as soon as you place it and deliver it within a period of 5 to 8 working days at your doorstep through reputed delivery channels. Do not wait, order as much as you require as we rarely fall out of stock. For experiencing the best bulk quality at wholesale rates,connect with us immediately.


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