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Kundan necklace sets seem to be the most expensive and eye-popping ornaments in Indian jewellery. Do you remember the necklace of Aishwarya in Jodha-Akbar? Do remember Deepak’s necklace in Padmavat? Aren’t they looking stupendous? The motherland of such beautiful artwork is Rajasthan and Gujarat. In ancient time, kundan necklaces had been pride of queens and princess. Few decades ago, these kinds of necklaces have been seen as neckpieces of women or girl belong to upper class but now can be found in jewellery boxes of any women and girls because artificial jewellery manufacturers have started focusing on kundan jewellery as well.

Being a leading imitation Indian kundan jewellery manufacturing company, EIndiaWholeSale brings kundan necklaces seem to be original. Quality of products is always being our concerned while manufacturing. Therefore, it is tough to differentiate original and imitation kundan jewellery (made by us) when put together. This is the best ecom store to shop artificial kundan necklaces because prices and quality both are best here. We use quality artificial American diamonds, gems stones, and kundan to make these necklaces. We make these necklaces available in foreign counties like United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, and more.

Kundan Jewellery Set as Traditional Fashion Identity

You don’t need any other designs to transform yourself in traditional look if you have a kundan necklace set in your jewellery box. Wherever you visit in India, such necklaces can easily be found on brides’ neck on wedding day which means kundan jewellery is being preferred for bride on wedding day. On the other hand, Bollywood actresses are also found in such wearing on occasions like award functions, Ambani’s party etc. Jewellery of this type is best to wear on traditional outfits such as saree, lehenga, and gowns. Therefore, above heading was born!

Either you are looking for kundan necklaces sets for bride or for other women/girls, EIndiaWholeSale keep diverse range of products in stock. We have already made a category named as bridal jewellery where you can find ornaments related to bride including kundan also.

Usually, kundan necklaces are big in size and women get to wear them on functions like wedding ceremonies but we also make small single-chain necklaces and pendant that can be worn to look decent. So what you are waiting for? Browse our category to find perfect match for yourself. Find kundan earrings matching your kundan jewellery set.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Kundan Necklaces?

Do EIndiaWholeSale offers choker in same pattern?

Yes, we have varieties of choker necklaces including small and big.

What is kundan?

A foil of gold is known as kundan. We don't use gold foil to make such jewellery.

Will I get the same product shown in images?

Of course, you will get the items shown in images.

Is there any guarantee of golden shining?

Jewellery available here are not made by using original gold or silver, they are plated with such finishes. Thus, we don’t offer any guarantee as far as shining is concerned. You can follow these tips to keep long lasting shining.

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Kundan Necklaces

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