B2B & Wholesale Order Only

Order Packing Process

Just as it’s important for customers to receive the right items, it’s equally important that they get them in good condition. Damaged goods are a headache for both the customer and the business. For the customer, it means that they have to return the product and then wait all over again for a replacement or refund—which can take weeks to arrive. And for the business, it means collecting the damaged product, then shipping a replacement or giving a refund. All this doesn’t reflect well on the company. Therefore, the packaging of an order protects your products from breakage so that they are kept intact when they reach your customer.

Here are the steps of a our order packing process:

Step 1: Once the products have been picked and brought to the packing area, packers choose an appropriate box or container to put the products in. We use a properly sized box so that you can reduce the amount of wasted space.

Step 2: The next step is to actually pack the products. We choose packaging material based on the nature of the products that they are packing. Our products require extra material, such as foam peanuts, bubble wrap, or even air cushions, so that they don’t break during delivery. Our warehouse management software can even chalk out the most efficient way to pack, based on the weights and dimensions of all the boxes and products used.

Step 3: After the products have been packed, wrapped, and sealed, the package is weighed and measured. Packers enter this information into order management software to generate an accurate packing slip for the package.

Step 4: Lastly, a courier service is chosen to deliver the package. Packers print out the shipping label for the package and the invoice for the order, and attach both to the package. Once this is done, the package is ready to be shipped!