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Latest Trend the Oxidised Jewellery:

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend they say. But have they ever taken a look inside our jewellery boxes? The silver trinkets, the beaded accessories, the blingy baubles…we love almost everything that is in there and, we never want to apart from them. The only difference is no matter how much jewellery we own, we always want more. So this festive season embrace your style with the latest trendy imitation jewellery

As per the current market situation, the prices of gold are on the highest peak because of which imitation jewellery is perfect for all the jewellery lover. And for them the Oxidised jewellery is back again as a classy option with all its charm. 
The lustrous beauty of black silver is often equated to that of moon’s glowing spark; and the fact that the
oxidised silver tends will go with any skin tone, thereby enhancing the look of the wearer, makes it a favourite among all jewellery lovers.
Gone are those days when people used to
wore the real jewellery for occasions. In fact, oxidised jewellery is now been enthusiastically embraced by all the strata of the society. ''The best thing about it is that it can team up with any outfit and with any kind of look.
The Reasons why
oxidised jewellery is so much in trend because it can be found in a multifarious of variety, designs, colour and with mix-n-match of different material like wood, beads, shells, jute and different types of metals. The jewellery will only embrace your look when you know how to wear it. Right?
 We all love to look
stylish, and want to be recognised. Oxidised jewellery with intricate thread work is becoming popular because of its utility. In fact, oxidised jewellery can be crafted into maang tikkas, armlets, wristlets, anklets, and toe-rings at reasonable prices. So, a pleasing way to access to your style is to go, when all that glitters is not gold!
is now all set to give you a graceful look!!

Imitation Jewellery:

Imitation jewellery or we can say costume jewellery, fashion jewellery was born in the machine-age or the industrial revolution. This jewellery has been part of our culture from the last 300 years. In 1700s the first cheap glass jewellery was made. Then, in the 1800s, costume jewellery made of semi precious material came into the market. The practice of using semi precious material made the jewellery available even for common people as it was cheap, disposable and which could go with any outfit. Fashion jewellery will always give you a splendid look on both modern as well as traditional outfits. It is available in large, heavy, ornamental patterns to simple and light weight designs. Oxidised, traditional, meenakari, silver and gold-plated, stone-studded jewelleries can be found anywhere. It is available from bangles to anklets from finger ring to toe ring from nose pin to maang tika and including many more accessories....

As we know that Jaipur is also known as pink city, and is famous for it’s pink beauty...But this pink city is also famous for it’s manufacturing of jewellery, and there are many jaipuri jewelleries that are banging on the fashion world with its beauty....


The Oxidised jewellery which was forgotten years ago is back again as a classy option with all its charm. The lustrous beauty of this black silver is often equated to that of moon’s glowing spark... The best thing about it is that you can team it up with any outfit, with any kind of look, and with any skin tone, thereby enhancing the look of the wearer. So, a pleasing way to access to your style is to go, when all that glitters is not gold!


Meenakari jewellery has been exceptionally renowned for its designs and bright colors. In meenakari art, the metals are enambled by painting and decorating them with marvelous designs.  It is a hereditary craft today. This art was created by Iranian craftsmen, and eventually spread to other countries (including Indians) by Mongolians.  For such beautiful art we should thank Raja Man Singh who got it familiarized in Rajasthan. Jaipur Meenakari adornments are in demand on account of the nature-based themes like blossoms and creatures (elephants, peacocks, parrots etc). Now all i can say about meenakari jewellery is that when so much skills is spend on one piece that there is no doubt in it’s beauty. So, hurry up and get yourself some admirable meenakari jewellery...


Lakh or lac  jewelry, also known as lacquer jewelry was originated in Rajasthan and with time it has gained popularity in whole India. It is available in many different and admirable designs.

 Among the various items in lac jewelry, the bangles need a special mention. Lac bangles attract many people for their fascinating beauty. These bangles are of bright color and glass work done on them makes them more attractive. Rajasthani people believe that lac bangles bring good omen to those who wear them...


Earrings are that part of our jewellery which completes our outfit. But do you know that these jewellery pieces can also work as remedy for our problems...Yes! You heard it right... You can increase your brain power through hoop earrings.  Usually these are worn in the 3 places on the ear. The bottom part of the ear is for increasing memory. The mid part increases hearing powers. The top part regularizes hormones in women along with increasing the brain power...Along with all these earrings had always been a major part of the fashion walk. They are even the most affordable piece of the jewellery...

As we had already read about the oxidised jewellery, the one fact about oxidised jewellery is that it can be crafted into maang tikkas, armlets, earrings, wristlets, anklets, toe-rings and kadas at affordable prices.

Today, the oxidised earrings are the hottest topic in the fashion world. If you want to give yourself a smart and a classy approach than you must definitely go for the silver or golden oxidised earrings, which are easy available at  in many designs with an affordable price!


Necklace is that jewellery which adds style and gives a graceful look to the clothing. When a necklace is included with an outfit, the enhancement will add interest to the clothing ensemble. In addition, a necklace draws attention to the wearer’s face.

Necklaces have been made from everything from animal bones to rare gemstones, from shells to simple beads, and have been worn by both men and women until they became primarily a feminine purview. They have been around for many years and are constantly redesigned to stay in trend!


Finger ring is the most beauteous part of our jewellery collection. They are used to express our feelings to our beloved. But have you ever thought that what is the history of these rings? What is the origin of the finger ring?

Well, the tradition of the ring begins with Romans. There were certain rules in the fashion of rings which were strictly followed by them. Plain signets and bronze rings were worn on either hand, but rings set with stones were considered to be worn on the right hand. Gold rings could be worn on certain occasions, and iron signet rings were to be worn on funeral. Wealthy Romans had rings that fit the seasons, with thin ones for summer, and large imposing ones for winter.  Annulus natalitus were Roman birthday rings, which were only to be worn to celebrate ones birthday.

But in today’s age finger rings are worn for variety of reasons. One is for personal decoration, and many people also wear it for some religious significance. Nowadays there has been such a wide variety of rings, encompassing all the colors of the rainbow and virtually every style imaginable. For all the jewelry lovers who like to make bold statements, a finger ring is a wonderful addition to their jewelry collection...

How to keep your jewellery safe while travelling:

It’s such a busy time of year right now, and we’re in the midst of figuring out our trips during the holiday season. Whether, it’s to see friends, family or just going on a vacation packing can be stressful.  But the most stressful part is to pack your jewellery safely. Here are some tips to travel safe with your jewellery.

Travel to see, not to be seen. When you are in the crowd, whether it’s at the airport or just at a tourist destination, be more alert about your jewellery safety. Turn over the diamond on your finger so it looks like a simple band and doesn’t draw attention. Tuck the precious necklace under your shirt. Try to wear few pieces and stick with the classics in the crowdy place.

Store it properly. Carry a jewellery case with yourself because it will be very easy for you to have all the jewellery at one place and which is safely organized and stored. You can also easily see all the pieces that you had bought. You should also take a picture of your jewellery before you leave, so, if a piece goes missing you will exactly know which one to search for and you will have a proof of ownership if it shows up in a public place.

Use the hotel room safe.  The hotel room is the most common place where jewellery is lost. So for preventing your jewellery to be lost you should always store your jewellery in the hotel room safe when you are not wearing it. Then you don’t have to worry about your jewellery being accidentally misplaced while housekeeping was tidying up, and you know that the safe is securely locked.         

No matter where you’re travelling, be sure to keep your jewellery safe!  There’s no better feeling than the peace of mind knowing that you are covered for even the worst scenario that might happen.  I hope you found these tips helpful!!!

Significance of Indian Jewellery in the life of Indian woman:

Jewellery has played an important role in the life of Indian woman. Its significance in an Indian woman’s life can be judged from the number of Jewellery pieces she own. Indian women do not just wear Jewellery to increase their beauty; each and every Jewellery piece worn by them has a lot of value and sentiments attached to it.

Apart from being a beautifier ornament Indian Jewellery is also helpful in the time of financial crisis because it has good value in the market. Indian women mostly love to wear Jewellery created with precious metals like gold, silver and diamonds. According to Indian culture, having a good collection of Jewellery symbolizes power, good status and immense wealth of the owner. 

Women are gifted gold Jewellery in different phases of life, and each gift has its social significant event. For example, rings are generally gifted at the time of birth, chains when they come of age, necklaces and bangles before weddings, etc. Gifting gold to women at her wedding is referred as “Stridhan”, means wealth of a woman. Jewellery, in India is essentially the wealth of a woman and is a reflection of her strength.

Jewellery designs are available in a wide variety in India. Some of the most commonly used Jewellery by Indian women includes maangtika, nose nath, necklace, earrings, mangalsutra and bangles.

Right from the hair Jewellery to Designer anklets every piece of Jewellery has its own aura and importance in the life of Indian woman

Western Jewellery: Shine with Elegance:

Since time is unfading, jewellery is always considered as one the most impressive desire of all the women. They consider jewellery as their personality beautifier ornaments.

A woman is always in deep love with one thing and that is western jewellery. If you want to please a woman, then jewellery will do it for you. A right jewellery will definitely bring out the most in a woman. There is always something hidden element in a woman’s heart for trendy as well as classy jewelleries. Women are fond of each and every type of jewellery.

A perfect graceful look is achieved by the nice outfit paired with the impressive pair of jewelleries. Jewelleries bring out your inner beauty and add boundless glow. Since several types of jewelleries are out in the market like diamond, gold and, silver so you have now got a huge collection to go for. But apart from that, classy western jewelleries give a perfect elegant look and also have a subcategory of amazing designs that are exclusive and are well designed to match up with various outfits. Such types of jewellery are quite famous among the professional women and college going girls because these can be paired with any formal and informal dress comfortably.

While buying any jewellery, it is very important to decide what type of jewellery you actually want. While buying traditional jewellery, women have to think a lot to decide the right type of jewellery as per the occasion, but with western jewel pieces, they don’t need to look for multifarious designs because each of the designs is unique and tempting. Such jewel pieces are designed as per the latest fashion and on-going trends. Such jewellery mainly comes in types of stud, small drop earrings and necklace. Women can wear them with almost any outfits like jeans, skirts and tops and at many occasions with traditional sarees too.

With western jewel pieces, you can achieve your desire outlook!!

Jewellery ideas for the bride who do not wish to wear gold on their big day:

Jewellery ideas for the bride who do not wish to wear gold on their big day:

Gold is like another word for Indian bridal jewellery. Almost every bride wants to wear beautiful gold jewellery on her big day. However, there are also some of them, who wish to be different by wearing something else on their wedding day! And, if you are one of these, then this guide will surely help you to figure out the best non-gold jewellery for your wedding. So, read on to find out the perfect jewellery type for yourself!


Pearls have been a most favourite choice of the kings and the queens for centuries. So, if you wish to look like a queen on your wedding day without wearing gold, then pearls will fit best. Their subtle yet royal appeal will simply make you look like a diva on your big day. You can go for anything from a bold pearl choker or a pearl satlada (seven-stringed) necklace, and team it up with a pair of big pearl earrings. And, do not feel restricted with the white pearls, as there are coloured pearls too. You would be amazed with their endless range that includes golden, black, peach, lavender and many other colours.


If you are looking for a set of highly shiny pieces, then the alluring crystals will do wonder. Apart from the bright white ones, there are also a myriad colour options in which you can find crystal jewellery. So, if you want to wear different jewellery with your bridal outfit, a beautiful crystal neckpiece with matching earrings and rings can complete your look.


Well, the coloured gemstones are not all about the red, green or blue ones. There are tons of other shades including yellow, purple, brown, black and grey. So, the world of colourful gemstones is open for your bridal jewellery. Whatever be the shade of your wedding gown, you can simply match it with the coloured gemstone.


 Platinum also known as white gold will be an ideal alternate for the yellow gold. It is said to be 30 times rarer than gold, making it much more expensive. The feature that makes platinum a boss is that it does not get tarnished. The platinum jewellery usually is made up of 95 per cent of pure platinum and 5 per cent other metals that add to its shine. This precious white metal gives the designs and carvings a sharper look, and thus, makes the jewellery pieces  extremely beautiful. You can go for a platinum set studded with precious stones, especially diamonds. The combination of platinum and diamonds looks truly stunning as the two complement each other very well.

Clean your fashion jewellery like a pro:

Collect the jewellery that needs to be cleaned: There is no such rule of when to clean your fashion jewellery. You can clean it every two month or when it starts to look dull. But if you wear it frequently then you must clean it two times in a month....

Inspect the jewellery: If your jewellery has any gemstone, then you need to be more careful while applying the liquid because that liquid can get underneath the gemstone and they may fall off later....

Use a Q-Tip or tooth brush to clean your jewellery: These are the common products everyone has in their homes, so why not use them in cleaning your jewellery and making it look like a new one. A toothbrush will work best as jewellery cleaner. But you must make sure that you use a new toothbrush because you will not like the materials of an old toothbrush to transfer into your jewellery. Rub the dry soft toothbrush or Q-Tip on the jewellery to remove verdigris. Verdigris is the green gunk that builds up on some costume jewellery.

Try using lemon on the fake jewellery: Lemon has been used for a long time to clean the jewellery. As Lemon is a natural acid and rubbing a half cut lemon on jewellery can do the process of cleaning. You can also put the silver jewellery in a cup with lemonade with some salt for a night and it will give you best results. Lemon works best on silver.

Use lens cleaner or toothpaste: Search your house and there you will find many things to clean your fake jewellery. Toothpaste can also be very easy and effective in cleaning fake jewellery. Just apply the toothpaste on a brush, and then rub it on the piece of jewellery.

Rinse thoroughly: After cleaning your jewellery piece, immediately rinse that jewellery in cool water. Rinse enough to get the soapy water solution off of the jewellery.  Then Dry it with a blow dryer.

Wipe down your jewellery daily: To keep your fashion jewellery last long, you need to maintain them well. You should always wipe your jewellery with a clean microfiber cloth after each use, so that you won’t have to clean it as often. It will also continue to look like new for longer periods of time.

Store your jewellery properly: Storing the jewellery well is also an important task. You must store your jewellery into an air tight container, it can be a box or you can also use a zip lock bag but make sure that you squeeze all the air out. When the air is removed, the metal cannot turn green from exposure to the air. So, it will look cleaner and newer for a longer period of time.