B2B & Wholesale Order Only

What is the Eindiawholesale Rewards Point Program?

Join Eindiawholesale, collect points on every purchase and cash them out at some point on your next purchases. A unique way to thank you for choosing us for your purchases! As a result, you will earn 1 points for every $5 worth of products. You Can Redeem rewards points as a 10 rewards Point = $1 Therefore 10 points equals to $1. Points can also be accumulated by making one or more successive purchases.

How do I register for the Eindiawholesale's Rewards Point Program?

Upon joining Eindiawholesales, when you sign up to our website, you automatically participate in the Eindiawholesale's Rewards Point Program too. This way, you can benefit from the Eindiawholesale's Rewards Point Program and enjoy many experiences and surprises accompanying your purchases at the same time!

Where can I see the total number of points?

You can see the number of points you have collected in My Account section. Moreover, you can see your points in the shopping basket, on top right after you have logged in.

How do I cash out my points?

You can cash out your Points just before your Next order is completed (Payment Method, by checking the box before choose your payment method if you have any available points. e.g. ([] Use my reward points, xxxx reward points ($x.xx) available)

Do my points expire?

The points you have collected through the Eindiawholesale's Rewards Point Program are valid for 45 Days from the date when you collected them.